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Hi I'm Helena, I'm Danish and have lived in Scotland since 2005, when I moved here to live with my husband Ralph, who is from Aberdeen, with whom I now own and run Eighty7 Design + Living.

We founded the company in 2013 with the inspiration born from a passion of classic sleek Scandinavian design with which I was brought up around, combined with the desire to create a business which could bring exciting new Scandinavian designs to the UK - and indeed the world!

 Eighty7 Design + Living
Scandinavian design products

We regularly visit Denmark and Sweden where our aim is to source the latest in Scandinavian design products which are unique, beautifully-designed, functional and well-crafted that our customers will love to have in their homes.

beautifully-designed Gifts
From Denmark (Roon&Rahn; Gejst) and Holland (Puik Art)

When we visit we also meet up and get to know the designers behind the brands like up-and-coming designers from Denmark (Roon&Rahn; Gejst) and Holland (Puik Art) to name a few.

Although we enjoy bringing our customers the latest Scandinavian designs, we still like to include timeless classics like the Lyngby Vase by Hilfling and we are also proud stockists of the classic Swedish shelving brand String.

Not everything we stock is strictly from Scandinavian though, as we have a small carefully considered selection of both local and uk-based home and lifestyle products, so if it's not Scandinavian in origin, it will be in style.

We look forwarding to seeing you.

From Denmark (Roon&Rahn; Gejst) and Holland (Puik Art)
local and uk-based home and lifestyle products
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