copenhagen, a mini tour ——

As I talked about in the last post, I visited Copenhagen in January with my husband – we attended northmodern, a trade fair focusing on great, Scandinavian design.

I’m from the other side of Denmark, from Esbjerg, so I was really pleased that we also managed to see a little bit of Copenhagen while we were there. Sometimes when  you’re visiting trade fairs, you have no time to do the touristy thing, but we were determined to have a look at some shops, similar to Eighty7, while we were there and generally enjoy the wonderful city, that Copenhagen is.

The Danes LOVE their bikes, and as it turned out we could have easily hopped on one of the many pay-as-you-go bikes available throughout the city, just as we came out of the Bella Centre after the fair.

However, given that it was freezing and we are not exactly as hardy as the full-time Danes, we jumped on the Metro to head into town instead.

We got off at Christianshavn, intending to explore a little, as neither of us have ever visited this part of the city before. The first thing we saw was this super cool ‘coffee wagon’!

We didn’t spend as much time in Christianshavn as we would have liked, as it was already getting late in the day. But we did manage to visit some great little independent shops, then we crossed the Christianshavn Canal, and headed over Knippelsbro Bridge into the City centre. Check out that old control tower below!

As mentioned, it’s a wellknown fact that the Danes enjoy their bicycles, and having lived away from Denmark for 10 years, I always love coming home and seeing bikes used the way they are in the city – as a practical way of getting around, for all the family! The dedicated cycle lanes makes this so easy by keeping cars, bikes and pedestrians nicely separated.

We finished off our afternoon in Illum, perhaps the most well known department store in Copenhagen. After a browse of all things Scandi chic – from shoes and clothes to interiors – we headed up the stairs to re-fuel! Cocktails and pizza was the order of the day at Illum’s Italian offering, Rossopomodoro, and they did not disappoint! And with that, we concluded our 3 hours of sightseeing in Copenhagen! One of these days, we will go for an actual touristy kind of weekend, but for now, we were pleased to have visited a great fair and managed to squeeze in the tiniest bit of sightseeing as well!