Introducing Westburn & Granite ——

Westburn & Granite was recently added to Eighty7 Design + Living’s range as our first and only male grooming and lifestyle brand.
You can find our W&B selection of beard oils online here and we also have scented candles in store currently and online very soon.

I wanted to find out more about the latest additions to our Eighty7 family, so I asked Ryan the most important questions about Westburn & Granite.

> – What and who is W&G?

Westburn & Granite is a male grooming and lifestyle brand created in Aberdeen by me, Ryan. W&G was created in the summer of 2015 with a view to creating simplistic design products for men. I produce and make all products by hand, by myself in my very small apartment. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


> – Where did W&G come from?

I created the brand by myself in my bedroom; this was over a period of sleepless and very thoughtful nights. Once I get an idea, I get very obsessed with it. But most things have never gone through, more fell through. The Westburn & Granite journey has been the best journey my hipster bearded self has ever been on. I have created a brand from nothing, with no investment. I am incredibly proud of this. It has been a lot of hard work but things are getting there now. But without the support I would be nowhere. I owe a lot to many individuals.

> – What makes W&G different?

One pair of hands makes every product you see. It’s a lot of hard work, but it is also rewarding for me and I also believe the customer to. The story I can tell and the passion I can tell it with, is what makes my customers or fans get on board. Westburn & Granite uses tried and tested small batch methods to create each product. I firmly believe in quality over quantity. All products are simple and handmade, using only the best natural ingredients – this will forever be the concept. When it comes to producing my products, I believe the best tools are my hands. Therefore, each product I make is crafted as such. I am aware of what goes in to each one of my products and believe me if it’s not natural I won’t use it.


> – What makes you most proud of/happy about W&G or what has been the highlight of running W&G thus far?

I think just connecting with others businesses and creatives, its why I wanted to get involved with something in the first place. The array of talented people I have met is incredible. I have learned so much and they are always supportive towards me and I always try to be helpful towards them. I think another huge moment must be getting contacted by ELLE magazine to advertise in the magazine. I thought I was in a dream when it happened.

> – What has been the biggest challenge thus far?

This year has been hectic. I have been juggling the business with university. I am in my final year at RGU and have found it a challenge at times to do both. But I guess not sleeping has got me through it haha. This period has been the hardest, but with help from a friend we could get big orders out etc. and maintain the brand.

> – What can we expect from W&G in the near future?

I hope when I finish University I can carry on with Westburn & Granite and make it a full-time job. The way it’s going, the dream can be a reality with continued hard work and new ideas and products. At the moment products are limited due to timescale, so with more time on my hands I can do things I have had in mind for a long time.

> – Anything you would like customers to know about you and W&G?

I think the main thing is, a lot of people get the impression that WG is a group of people. When in fact it’s just me all alone haha. Sometimes it’s cool for people to think it’s more than one person but then at times I think maybe I deserve the credit, if you understand what I mean. I guess it’s a compliment though, that people think it’s a big business, rather than just me by myself.