Mikkline – perfect outerwear for your little ones. ——

In Scandinavia, everyone knows the saying ‘No such thing as bad weather – only bad outerwear’. Go to any kindergarden, nursery or school in Denmark, and I’ll bet you’ll struggle to find a child who doesn’t have at least one or two sets of dedicated waterproof outerwear in some form, usually jacket and trousers or, for younger ones, an all-in-one suit – they need it, as play time outside when in childcare is very important over there, which is great.

So with that in mind, good design isn’t restricted to furniture and home accessories, it shines through in many aspects of everyday life – and kids’ outerwear is no exception.
Take Mikkline’s outerwear for children as an example.
Designed to keep the wearer comfortable, warm and dry while looking smart, this is Scandi design through and through. Your kids will never have been as comfy playing outside, as they will be in Mikkline’s fun and bright all-in-one suits and trouser&jacket sets.

Here’s a look at our selection – on sale just now online and in-store!



Rain Proof All-In-One Suit

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When you're only just learning to walk, it can be frustrating for mum and dad to see you covered in mud and soaked through every time you take a tumble. However, while wearing a Mikkline all-in-one suit won't keep you from struggling with those unsteady feet, it will at least keep you dry if you happen to topple over.

Rainproof Fleece Suit

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From toddlers to 5 years we have Mikkline's fleece lined, water proof 2 piece set with braces*. Being waterproof, windproof and breathable, this set makes playing outside in any weather great fun and makes sure it's cosy too.

Rainproof Two Piece Outerwear Suit

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For the 5-10 year olds, the waterproof 2 piece in black or purple gives great protection from wet weather, while staying even more light weight and easy to throw on over normal clothes.