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Here at Eighty7 Design + Living we love new, emerging designers – and Roon & Rahn is a great example.

Roon & Rahn is brand new design duo from Aarhus, Denmark, with the company being established April 2014.

These two friends were sharing a small flat, when they started designing and building furniture for themselves in January 2014.
Their products are solutions to some of the challenges they face in their own flat.

Their Moodboards are a stylish solution to keep all your belongings neat, however small your space is, when you enter your home.
Of course everything is crafted beautifully in Denmark, meaning the quality and durability of Roon & Rahn products are always at the very top.

The Moodboads are made from 2 components – a solid wood back plate, and a perspex front plate, the two help together by smooth pieces of wood.
Mix and match your preferred colour of front and back plates and hangers to create your very own Moodboard!
A range of clever hangers are available to make sure you maximise the use of your Boards – keep your keys on the key-hanger, your sunglasses on the glasses-hanger, coats on the basic-hanger and clothes hangers on the shirt-hanger – a space for everything!

So if you’re looking for a simple way to keep your hallway / bedroom / kitchen / any room organised, while injecting a touch of Skandi cool, we bet you’ll like the look of the Moodboards – click HERE to browse.