Marble Vase

Lyngby By Hilfling


Marble vase by Danish brand Lyngby by Hilfling

The classic Lyngby vase design celebrated its 80th birthday in 2016 and the marble vase has been brought out especially as an anniversary edition.

The stunning Portuguese marble gives each vase its own unique pattern and no two vases are exactly the same.
A polished finish gives the marble a beautiful silk-like finish which is smooth and indulgent.
Available in black or white marble.

The original Lyngby Vase was created in 1936 and until 1969 it was produced by Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark.

When production seized, this iconic vase became a popular collectors item.

Architecht Daniel Hilfling brought the vase up to date and back into production in 2012, with a new, contemporary glaze.
The simple and unpretentious column shape suits any home – whether the vase is used as a freestanding sculpture or when it allows any flower or bouquet to unfold in the most beautiful way.

Lyngby by Hilfling is manufactured abroad in the finest quality  by the same porcelain factory that manufactures products for the largest porcelain companies in Denmark.

We aim to deliver your Lyngby vase withn 2-3 days, except for backorders. For backorders please allow 7-14 days delivery.


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