Secrid Mini Wallet – Special Finish



Leatherbound aluminium wallet with button by Dutch brand Secrid

The Cardprotector is the secure heart of the SECRID wallet. With one simple movement, your cards slide out of the Cardprotector in a neat fan meaning that, even without opening your wallet, you can find the card you are looking for at a single glance.
The smooth leather jacket of the SECRID wallets envelopes the Cardprotector and offers space for extra cards. You can put paper money, receipts and business cards in the thin, but strong, plastic holder on the inside.
The innovative Cardprotector protects your important cards not only from bending and breaking, but also against unauthorised scanning and subsequent misuse.
The Cardprotector’s simple and classy design and the very high quality leather means this is one wallet you’ll keep for years to come.


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